Who we are

We are Sara and Anna, the founders of MAMMA, and good friends who became new mums around the same time. We both live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney after moving from Sweden and Finland, respectively, 10 years ago. Our Scandinavian backgrounds have had a strong influence whilst designing our products with simplicity, minimalism and efficiency central to the design.

What we do

MAMMA is all about providing mums with quality, well designed and affordable products. As new mothers ourselves, we understand that entering motherhood can be overwhelming, expensive and time becomes very valuable.

With this in mind we embarked on a journey to launch a breast pump and accessory range matching the big names in performance and quality but without the high price tag.

Why we do what we do

We both live busy lifestyles trying to juggle parenthood, work and health while maintaining relationships with family and friends. For us a double electric breast pump has provided the flexibility and freedom to match our lifestyles. 

Our reasons for using a pump ranged from having a premature baby to work commitments later on. A major benefit of pumping is the ability to share with our partners the amazing feeling of feeding our bubs. This provided the flexibility in everyday life, such as catching up on sleep after a tough day, playing a soccer game or catching up with girls for a well-deserved dinner.

Our MAMMA vision

"Empowering families to afford a high performing double pump, matching the
price of a big brand single pump".

The time saved using a double pump instead of a single pump can be invested in more enjoyable things, such as quality time with our little ones, our relationships, or 'me' time.

We are extremely proud of our brand, MAMMA, and hope you’ll like the products as much as we do, and enjoy the flexibility as much as we have.