Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community and proudly donate 5% of all our sales to Forever Projects, who actively helps saving lives of little ones in need.


What is Forever Projects?

The Forever Project started when the founders, Mark and Anna, were living and travelling in Tanzania. They learnt of the high number of women who die every day during childbirth, leaving their children at risk of starvation. Mark and Anna met families who had little choice but to give up their child in hope of ensuring their own survival. This is when they knew that they had to do something to help.

Forever Projects is now empowering families to care for their own children, move themselves from poverty and live independently. Person by person, family by family, Forever Projects is changing lives.

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Where are the MAMMA donations spent?

All donations from MAMMA will be used directly to purchase lifesaving formula for babies in need through the Forever Projects team. Providing formula and educating the families how to safely give formula to their baby is the first step to empower families to care for their own children, and keep their families together. The MAMMA team is proud to join the Forever Projects team changing lives.

Visit the Forever Projects website to learn more about the amazing work the team is doing.