MAMMA Double Electric Breast Pump


The MAMMA pump is a light weight and innovative double electric breast pump perfect for the modern busy mama who doesn't want to compromise on time, quality or design.



  • Individual pump engines - for maximum performance

  • Unique low noise technology - one of the quietest

  • Closed system design - to ensure hygiene and easy to clean

  • Large display with backlight, timer & memory

  • 2-phase expressing feature - switch between massage & suction

  • Use as single or double pump - whatever you prefer

  • Soft breast shields - for your comfort

  • BPA Free - safe for you and bub

  • Affordable - matching the price of market leading single electric pumps



Individual pump engines

The MAMMA pump has two pump engines which guarantees a strong suction level regardless of whether you use the pump single or double sided. There is no loss of performance while double pumping as each side has its own individual pump engine (130-320 mmHg per side).


MAMMA pump

Unique low noise technology

With its unique low-noise technology, you can easily and discretely pump almost anywhere, whether your bub (or partner) is asleep in the same room, or if you need to go for a quick and quiet pump break at work.


Closed system design

The MAMMA pump has a closed system design, which ensures that no milk can enter the tubing or into the pump engine. This makes the pump easy to clean and hygienic. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free.


Digital display with backlight and timer

The pump has a large digital display with a timer, memory and backlight. It also shows which mode you are currently using and whether you are using the single or double. The backlight enables you to smoothly pump at night time without having to switch the lights on.

MAMMA pump

2-phase expressing feature

This feature gives you the option to switch between the massage mode (that stimulates and relaxes your breasts to start the milk flow) and suction mode that mimics your baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The massage feature has 3 strength levels, followed by a suction mode with 9 strength levels, which can simply be changed with the +/- buttons to suit your own level of comfort. This quick and efficient pump is perfect for mums who need to express milk multiple times a day. The pump has soft silicone breast shields to ensure a comfortable pumping experience. 



Use as a single or double pump

You can use the pump in single or double mode depending on your circumstances and needs. Some mums use the single pumping feature to keep up the milk supply when their baby is happy after one breast. 


Pump features

The pump is light weight (only 392 grams) with the dimensions of 12.8 x 12.8 x 5.2 cm. All of the parts are BPA free and meet all required regulation and quality standards. See below for guidance on the pump functions.